“Imperialism is the eve of the socialist revolution”


“Imperialism is the eve of the socialist revolution”

Almost three decades after the 89-91 collapses of the eastern regimes, things seem clearer for whoever that wants to interpret the world and bear the

TKP/ML-YDK: Unsere Partei wird sich dem Kampf um den Kommunismus stärker und inniger verschreiben!
TKP/ML-YDK: The Struggle for Communism will be held stronger ans fiercer!

Almost three decades after the 89-91 collapses of the eastern regimes, things seem clearer for whoever that wants to interpret the world and bear the responsibilities. The ideological cloak of “globalization”, “the end of history” and “class struggle” that were weaved in the imperialist think tanks is now frayed. The capitalist storm and the imperialist barbarity and atrocity fell upon billions of toiling popular masses and so revealed its true face.

The structural, whole and incurable systemic crisis has ignited a new round of assault against the proletariat and the people that can be compared only with the period of “first accumulation”.

  1. The inter-imperialist contradictions and contrasts (mainly between US – Russia) are intensified and the redistribution of the world. The expansion of zones of influence, the control of the markets, the energy roads are accelerating the process of reconquering and decolonization of the world. The imperialist wars and invasions, the race of military and nuclear armaments, the military tensions around the world and also the economic – geostrategic contradictions, the generalized unbalance, create a volatile mixture that threaten people with new horrific dangers and bring closer the possibility of a general war.
  2. The contradiction (main contradiction) between imperialism and the people is expressed through the assault of a handful of imperialist countries against smaller capitalist and dependent countries. The bleeding, the plunder and the robbing of the natural resources of these countries, the destruction of their productive means, their transformation into bases of the imperialists, the trampling of every concept of national sovereignty are intensifying the oppression of the peoples and the exploitation is doubling (from the monopolistic capital and the local reaction).
  3. The contradiction between capital and labor (basic contradiction) is intensifying through the onslaught, expansion and domination of the parasitic financial monopolistic capital which promotes inside the whole capitalist world medieval working and social conditions in order to super-exploit the toiling masses and satisfy its insatiable thirst for profit.

Capitalism, in its highest stage and with more than a century of history is more rotten than ever. It is confined within its own dead-ends and contradictions, preparing the most reactionary and black days for humanity. To overcome its crisis it promises the devastation of “creative catastrophe” and new shackles for the masses and the proletariat.

But history teaches us that the world proletariat and the peoples, armed with the revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism, have the strength to reverse this course. The miserable, the plebeians, the oppressed and exploited can turn the wheel of history and write new pages, rising society to a higher stage SOCIALISM through the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism.

The immense contribution of bolshevism, which has matured in its intense fight against the traitors of the 2nd International, the parliamentary worms who fell into social chauvinism and became bourgeois and imperialist agents, and against every kind of opportunists and reformists is condensed in the general conclusion of Lenin that “Imperialism is the eve of socialist revolution”. Contemporary reformists and revisionists, who even see progressive elements in the rotting capitalism, that its capability to create a new stage, like “globalization” and so on and denies this revolutionary truth. There are theses that are covered with expressions like “contemporary world”, “socialism of the 21st century”, but there are nothing more than caricatures and repetitions of the defeated anarchist and reformist’s theories of last century, having at their core the theory that capitalism cannot be overthrown. The other side of the same coin is the theories of “pan imperialism”, that is an imperialist pyramid where all countries are imperialistic and ranked according to power.

Stalin, very aptly, has characterized Leninism as “the Marxism of the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution. More accurately: Leninism is the theory and the tactics of the proletarian revolution generally, the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat specifically”. Early capitalism has given birth to its gravediggers. Monopoly capitalism has given birth and nourishes the mature objective conditions for the feasibility of the proletarian revolution. Bolshevism has opened the road for the “assault on the sky”, led the revolutionary masses to the overthrow of bourgeois power, to the implementation of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the building of socialism.

The consolidation of Marxism-Leninism was confirmed (in practice) in theory and was verified (from theory) in practice and is the most contemporary theory about the development of humanity and society. Briefly we note some points:

  1. The capitalist – imperialist system is a whole system inside which the mature conditions for the proletarian revolution are contained. This does not negate its internal contradictions nor is against the fundamental law of uneven development. On the contrary, every nation is a link of the unified chain of imperialism. On this basis the question is which link will be the weakest one and the imperialist chain will be broken. And this link is not necessarily the most industrially advanced country. And not necessarily where the working class is the majority of the social strata.
  2. A critical factor is the subjective one. That in our days is the crucial question. That is the re-organization of the working class as a “class for itself”. Kai the development of its revolutionary entity, the Communist Party.
  3. The leading role of the working class in a society arises objectively from its position in production. It’s not an arithmetical question. The process through which it emerges as a “class for itself”, gives it the capability to win the trust of popular masses, to acquire authority, to create alliances, to get in front of a social alliance giving it its context and be supported by the popular majority.
  4. “The concrete analysis of the concrete situation” is necessary for the correct assessment of the “revolutionary condition”. Therefore, yesterday will not be too early and tomorrow not too late.
  5. There is the probability of a victorious revolution in only one country. We must note the Trotskyite defeat. They at first underestimated the capability of the proletariat, left it without allies, as they considered the small and middle peasantry as reactionary, they propagated a “world” and “continuous” revolution covering up their theory about the failure of the revolution.

Today, one century after the October Revolution and a half century after the GPCR, the communists must assimilate and promote the revolutionary lessons of Marxism-Leninism on the fields of class struggle and political confrontation, contributing to the reconstruction of a workers’, popular, revolutionary, communist movement. Our foremost internationalist and necessary task is the strengthening of the anti-war and anti-imperialist peoples’ struggle. We must promote the co-ordination and the common action directed at the construction of a peoples’ Front against war, imperialism and fascism. A Front that will promote solidarity, fraternity, friendship among the peoples against nationalism and chauvinism, but also against pacifism, rising the banner of proletarian internationalism higher.

Comunist Party Of Turkey/ Marxist-Leninist   – TKP/ML

Comunist Party Of Greece (marxist-leninist)   – CPG(m-l)

October 2017