The leader of the Communist Party of Peru, Communist Chairman Abimeal Guzman (Gonzalo), was assassinated by the Peruvian state on September 11, 20

HKP (Maoist): Peru Komünist Partisi Kurucu Önderi ve Başkanı Yoldaş Abimael Guzman’a (Gonzalo) Kızıl Saygı!
Filipinler Komünist Partisi (CPP) : Yaşasın Başkan Gonzalo’nun Hatırası!
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Parti English

The leader of the Communist Party of Peru, Communist Chairman Abimeal Guzman (Gonzalo), was assassinated by the Peruvian state on September 11, 2021. Hail Gonzalo, the ideological-political-organizational guide of the glorious people’s war of the Communist Party of Peru, the brave son of the Peruvian people and the international proletariat! The uninterrupted struggle of the International Proletariat in the fight for communism under the leadership of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, taking over Gonzalo’s commitment to the revolution and communism, will continue to grow.

Gonzalo was recorded in the history books as a historic communist figure who, after a protracted struggle, gave the Communist Party of Peru the theoretical skills and political equipment to lead and direct the revolutionary struggle. He made the statement that the revolution in Peru would only lead to victory through the path of the “protracted people’s war” and helped to specify this in Peru.

From 1980 until September 12, 1992, when he was imprisoned, he succeeded in making the Peruvian people, through the People’s War under the leadership of the Party, an active subject of the revolutionary struggle. He advanced and developed the People’s War against the bloody, suffocating and the reactionary war of the fascist Peruvian state focused on annihilation. He built a communist line that would inspire all of Latin America. He also honorably succeeded in winning the enmity of the imperialist powers, especially U.S. imperialism. Because in the conditions where Russian social imperialism had taken off the mask of socialism and the propaganda “the age of socialism and revolution was over” was like a bloody dagger of imperialism, stuck in the heart of the class struggle, the Peruvian revolution developed, advanced and marched towards success.

With this fear and anxiety, the attacks on the communist line and its leadership also continued to escalate. With the intense support of U.S. imperialism and the increasing aggression of the reactionary Peruvian state, on September 12, 1992, they managed to take Gonzalo and some of his comrades into captivity. On September 28, an attempt was made to expose and humiliate Gonzalo in a cage to the whole world. Gonzalo shouted to the world from the “cage” the power of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the uninterrupted continuation of the Peruvian People’s War and its inevitable victory. Singing the hymn “The International” with a clenched fist, he proclaimed the message that the proletariat has an invincible faith, legitimacy and is in possession of a great cause.

From that day until his murder, Gonzalo was held at the Callao naval base in the most severe conditions of isolation. His contact with the whole world, his family and his comrades was cut off. In order to strangle, isolate and defeat the Peruvian Revolution, the fascist Peruvian state found the solution in separating it from its founding and theoretical leader. The Peruvian government strictly and rigorously enforced this regime for 29 years, despite Gonzalo’s advanced age and ill health under the circumstances. All the norms and rules of war, its laws and international law were ignored in the person of Gonzalo. Gonzalo managed to become the fear of imperialism and the reactionary Peruvian state while waging the People’s War, while being tried to be exposed in the cage and under 29 years of strict isolation conditions.

Comrade Gonzalo suffered serious health problems on July 13, 2021. He was hospitalized on July 20, released on August 5, although his health did not improve, and sent back to his private prison, which had been assigned to him for 29 years. On the morning of September 11, he was murdered by the Peruvian state in his isolation cell. This is a brutal, barbaric massacre, fueled by class hatred against the revolution and socialism fed by enmity and resentment. Gonzalo was deliberately and intentionally murdered by imperialism and the reactionary Peruvian state.

Comrade Gonzalo has developed, perfected and successfully expanded the People’s War in the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line, despite the reactionary winds in the world.  He has written his name in history as a communist committed to the interests of the Peruvian people and as a brave leader of the international proletariat.

Now it is time to take care of his memory. It is time to walk in his line, which shows us that it is possible to succeed in difficult conditions, where in the “conjecture” the current flows backwards.

We call upon all our people, all revolutionary forces, the international communist and revolutionary movements and our organized forces to take up the revolutionary-communist memory of Gonzalo, to expose the murderous line of the Peruvian state and to organize widespread and powerful commemorations and protests. Let us arm ourselves with the awareness to demand accountability from the imperialists and the Peruvian state for this blatant massacre. If one of us leaves, thousands will come back. Our immortals continue to be a light in our struggle and companions on our path. With the faith and determination of them, we will continue to raise the class struggle, to shout out our belief in communism perpetually, and to fight with the confidence that we will inevitably win.


  Glory and honor to the communist leader Gonzalo!

    Glory and honor to the Peruvian People’s War!

    Glory and honor to the people’s war destined to victory!

    Honor and glory to the international proletariat!

    Glory and honor to Marxism, Leninism and Maoism!




Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist   Central Committee – Politburo


September 2021