TKP/ML CENTRAL COMMITTEE-POLITBURO: People’s Fighter Comrade Muharrem (Ferdi Tosun) Has Been Immortalızed With Comrade Deniz (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmuş). Our People’s War is Continuing and Will Continue!


TKP/ML CENTRAL COMMITTEE-POLITBURO: People’s Fighter Comrade Muharrem (Ferdi Tosun) Has Been Immortalızed With Comrade Deniz (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmuş). Our People’s War is Continuing and Will Continue!

Working Class People From Turkish, Kurdish and Various Nationalities, Our Working People;From October 30 to November 9, a guerrilla unit under

MUNZUR VE KİNEM’E… (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmuş’un (Deniz) Kaleminden)


Working Class People From Turkish, Kurdish and Various Nationalities, Our Working People;

From October 30 to November 9, a guerrilla unit under the command of Comrade Deniz (Sinan Cumhur Oktulmuş) in Dersim Aliboğazı have fallen into intense attack by the enemy while in winter preparations, and in this attack, Comrade Deniz, a member of our party and Dersim Regional Command, was immortal. In this operation, we have clarified that the Advanced militant of our Party, the valiant fighter of TİKKO, Comrade Muharrem (Ferdi Tosun) has also been immortalized.

Now our anger continues to mount while our pain is doubling. Our determination has been organized forwards as our sadness now doubled in the mountains and cities. Now, by sending People’s Fighter Muharrem next to Comrade Deniz, we once again express our will for the People’s War precisely and clearly.

Amidst the debate on how to build social PEACE, fascism is scaling its attacks, deepening the war of annihilation against the oppressed and their struggle. The communists, on the other hand, continue to continue their class struggle in the sharpest way against this search for social peace and the efforts to weaken the class consciousness of the people. Comrade Lenin’s instruction to “endure the class struggle” is more vital than ever before. In the light of this instruction, from its leadership to its cadre, from its members to its militants, from its commander to its fighters, from its militia to its supporters, our party has been tightly embraced and donned its armor against any attack that will darken it. Our martyrs are the clear and pure representatives of this stance, like the reflection of the sun on a water drop. This manner and positioning must encompass our entire body, determine our point of view to all problems, and organize our entire line of practice. The proletarian revolutionary line is shaped in flesh and bones with the attitude of our martyrs, and it manifests itself as a consciousness in those who live with the will based on the class struggle and its force. Everyone and everything that does not hear, understand, insist on grasping, does not feel, is not equipped with that in the face of contradictions will fall behind, and benefit from the corrosive side of the search for social peace. Comrade Muharrem reminds us once again of this stance and positioning, and we cry out the willingness to enter the sea of ​​class struggle with all of our spirit.

Comrades, Our Working People;

Comrade Muharrem (Ferdi Tosun), who fell in the attacks of Kazan bombs in the same trenches with Comrade Deniz, was born in 1993 in Tokat Erbaa Sokutaş village as the child of a working family. Comrade Muharrem started being a worker in the village at a young age, continued in Istanbul, where they migrated. While he was working as a worker at Sarıgazi Newborn, his cousins Comrades Samet Tosun (Bakış) and Tanju Er (Samet) met the Party. They also knew the party from the Tokat mountains where they were born and raised. The participation of his uncle’s son and comrade Samet Tosun (Bakış) to the guerrilla was effective in participation of Comrade Ferdi to the guerrilla. In July 2014, just two years after Comrade Bakış, he joined the guerrilla with Comrade Tanju Er.

Comrade Ferdi, who took the “party name” Muharrem, stood out in the guerrilla with his humble and worker personality coming from his childhood. Comrade Muharrem became one of the comrades who further strengthened his participation by assuming more responsibility in the field after 12 comrades who became immortal in Aliboğazı on 24-28 November 2016.

Comrade Muharrem managed to be a lively and active militant at this difficult stage of the process, with his characteristics trying to understand the party and the struggle. He has been one of the comrades in the last three years who has most intensively experienced the process of grasping the party and its line more tightly against the right-wing liquidationism, which emerged within the party and advised the fleeing of struggle, and escaped from the battlefield by burying the guns. Comrade Muharrem preferred proletarian revolutionism on the issue of “character, which inevitably becomes apparent with the content of action and attitude”. He became immortal without dropping his gun without the expectation of “heroism” by blending with his party and his line with his action and stance against the “old leaders” claiming that they “carried the labor of the years” and trying to get the rank of “hero”. Opposing to the dwarfing “giants”, he has armed with an understanding of historical necessity based on the class struggle and its necessities.


Friends, Our Working People;

We feel the weight of our party’s losses on the battlefield. We do not underestimate the gap that will make. We know from our 48 years of historical experience that the process cannot be overcome by shouting war cries. We will focus on the problems of war, leaning on the class struggle, we will enable our war line. We will neither ignore the problems we are going through, nor allow distrusting in the war we are waging and leading. By focusing on the problems of war, paying the price and insisting, we will tackle our problems and move forward.

The fascist dictatorship claims that the guerrilla forces of our People’s War and the National Liberation Struggle are now unable to act and are on the verge of extinction. After every loss of our People’s Army TİKKO and the guerrilla force PKK-HPG of the Kurdish National Liberation Struggle, fascist Süleyman Soylu shouts “we have finished them”. In the war waged by decapitating our comrades and using the heaviest war machines, the guerrilla’s moves that frustrate the destruction, he finds the solution to escalate the psychological warfare method of all his successors. Süleyman Soylu, who gave the good news that the guerrilla will be “eradicated” in 2020, repeated the same statement in 2016 and 2018. Now he cries out again and instructs his fascist executioners that “the curtain will close in 2021”. No, Mr. Inglourious! As long as the oppressors are on the stage of history, the oppressed will never leave that stage! Just as the rebellion did not end when Bedreddin died, the thoughts of the rebels do not disappear when the rebels die! While our leader Kaypakkaya is immortalized with tortures, his theory and practice are still alive today! While filling dungeons, setting up gallows, burning villages, losing under custody, passing through torture benches, the oppressed in your 100 years of fascist history have never left the scene! The international proletariat and the oppressed did not leave the stage, while you were crying madly when the socialism regressed that “the end of history” has come! As long as you have your presence, the anger and struggle of the oppressed will not leave the scene.

We challenge! Our class struggle and its most concentrated form, guerrilla warfare, will continue despite all the gaps and losses. Fascism cannot overshadow the justification of our People’s War, nor will it be able to produce a remedy against the dynamism of the guerrilla struggle, its demolishing, establishing and building structure. Our Party is aware of the tendency of contradictions and developments, and to what extent the revolutionary process has matured. Our CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBER NUBAR, our COMMANDERS ÖZGÜR AND DENİZ, our FIGHTERS ROSA, ASMİN AND MUHARREM showed that they grasped this political understanding at the highest level by carrying it further than their previous comrades. Our immortal comrades’ understanding of the “WAR OF SURVIVAL” has now been entrusted to their comrades and people. It should be known that our PARTY will not make concessions at this level of the war, this stage, which our comrades have faithfully and resolutely embraced and regarded as a necessity for the organization and fulfilment of the next process, will be overcome at the expense of greater costs.

At a stage where fascism is working up war inside and preparing for a large-scale war abroad; The ideological-political equipment and organizational formation will take shape with this war of survival, become stable and find the reflection in the angry but dispersed masses’ class consciousness. The course and direction of the revolution, its claim and the awareness of organization will come to life with this persistence. This attitude is not voluntarism, not adventurousness. It should be known that this is the PROLETARIAN REVOLUTIONARY LINE position which corresponds to all ideological-political preparations of fascism, the anger that is growing in the masses of the people and waiting to be organized. This is owned firmly, decisively and without hesitation by our party. We will act without ignoring the problems of our war and forgetting that the connection of our revolutionary line with the angry and dispersed masses of the people is the only guarantee of our success. The RED FLAG left by our comrades to us, we will grasp that every understanding that acts without caring about the breaking of this bond and that is the basis for liquidationism invites us to this danger.

Our last word is in our stance and in the sharpness of how we reveal our lives:


Our anger is greater than our sorrow, your fear than your display of strength!