TKP/ML CENTRAL COMMITTEE – POLITBURO: To Nubar and Rosa Comrades Who Keep On The Line of 1st Congress of Our Party!


TKP/ML CENTRAL COMMITTEE – POLITBURO: To Nubar and Rosa Comrades Who Keep On The Line of 1st Congress of Our Party!

 To Kurdish, Turkish and Various Nationalities and to Our Working Class and Working People,On September 6-9, 2020, our party's two br

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To Kurdish, Turkish and Various Nationalities and to Our Working Class and Working People,

On September 6-9, 2020, our party’s two brave cadres and fighters who cursed the frustration, confronted the counter-revolutionary attack with revolutionary war, fueled the fire of hope, and tested with faith-determination-science-practice, were immortalized in a large-scale military operation. Comrade Nubar, a member of our Central Committee, and Comrade Rosa, the advanced militant of our party and TIKKO unit commander, added a new ring to the war tradition of our party and its commitment to communism.

Those who think the darkness is the exhaustion of the power of the sun… Those who think that we are now crucified from the pain we have experienced… Those who suppose that the foziness and the decline come from our orphaned class hatred… Those who mistakenly see the costs paid and the losses given… Those who doubt and worry about the pain caused by the oppressor and the bends that set off… Here, Nubar, a member of our Central Committee, and our valiant warrior Rosa, have once again revealed their will to break up all the concerns about the fight.

To grasp the circumstances and to intervene in it will mean to dominate the effect it will create in the next phase and to dominate the whole and each link of this historical chain. Comrade Lenin says: “Being a revolutionary and a supporter of socialism or a communist in general is not enough. At each particular moment it is necessary to know how to find the specific link that must be grasped in order to hold the whole chain and prepare the transition to the next link securely.” Understanding the guerrilla war and the necessity of a whole war line in the conditions we are going through also means foreseeing the possibilities and opportunities that the next process will create in the struggle for power and preparing for it stronger. It is based on this point of view that the guerrilla war will be DEFINED AS A STRUGGLE OF SURVIVAL IN THE 1st CONGRESS OF TKP / ML against the suppression, destruction, and neutralization of the guerrilla war. With this point of view, our party has definitely determined its will to receive the process and take shape.

In order to turn the fight he started as Halil in Komsomol into the cause of communism, Erol Volkan Ildem, as Nubar, won the title of Communist leader with tooth, nail, labor, faith and determination, and left a pure life and struggle to his comrades, his people. Marx: “Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past”, he says. Comrade Erol made his history; with his will, with his worldview and attitude by observing the conditions that life, struggle and conditions have brought before him. He was positioned by grasping the dynamics, tendencies and social consequences of history. He shaped his worldview, identity, lifestyle, anger, grudge, love, affection, and belief with this class clarity. This has also enabled the proletarian line and the bourgeois line to be transformed into a combat zone by detecting their weak and strong sides. This is how the “Nubar identity and the historical role it assumes” was organized and shaped. The historical positioning of Comrade Nubar while immortalizing has been the sum of the most effective, decisive and immersive accumulation and experience of our party line. Understanding the historical nature of the task he assumed, he has been in an effort to fulfill the leadership role that the party has given him in all his personality. In this sense, he has been honored with our party and has been immortalized by honoring our party.

While Comrade Nubar is the leader and continuator of this point of view, Rosa is an effective militant of this line and an effort for being a commander on the battlefield. Fadime Çakıl was shaped by carrying all the social, political, cultural, national and religious contradictions of Dersim as well as the class contradictions of being born as the child of a working family. When the gender pressure created by the female identity is added to this, the reasons for the struggle and the effective participation in the war have been formed. Of course, experiencing contradictions does not mean creating a will to resolve contradictions. Comrade Fadime Çakıl got to know the party and the guerrilla since childhood and grew up with the love of Partizan and guerrilla, which is now a historical part of Dersim. At the age of 17, she reached the determination to change life, shaped by anger and resentment against fascism, with the struggle for power in line with the party and becoming a guerrilla. The claim to be like the “EAGLE OF THE REVOLUTION” Rosa Luxemburg, to whom every communist woman will turn her face, made her prefer her party name, Rosa. In a short time, she built a line that would contribute more effectively to guerrilla life and party line. The guerrilla’s Rosa focuses on her youth to a dynamic understanding in both military, political and ideological terms, her inexperience to experience with the determination to learn, and fulfilment the conditions of embrace and win the future as a good communist.  She did not hesitate to assume her role and mission by tailoring it to the needs of the party and the class struggle at the time. Neither her inexperience, her youth, her inadequacy, the strength of the enemy, neither harsh and brutal sieges, nor the immortalization of her tens of comrades in a short period of time WAS NOT A REASON OF ATTENUATION IN HER CLAIM. The guerrilla’s Rosa was immortal as “a valiant eagle of the mountains” next to her leader Nubar.

Comrades, Friends, Our Working People;

Now we lack a Communist leader. We now lack a powerful militant who has grown and perfected in the surroundings. These losses and their gaps will be felt greatly. However, these are the losses of our party, which has maintained 48 years of experience, knowledge and continuity in the struggle. Our party is a party that lost its founder and theoretical leader at the age of only one year, but managed to walk, lost its 3 Secretaries, dozens of staff and hundreds of militants, and did not ask for mercy in its fight. Because it gathered the talent, experience and knowledge of those we lost, and managed to create new cadres and fighters, and to maintain continuity under the worst conditions. Now, it will continue these losses again, without compromising the claim of organizing the working class and the oppressed laboring masses for power by staffing its militants and leading its staff. While Comrade Communist Leader Nubar and the valiant warrior Rosa was immortalized, they acted with infinite confidence to our party and the people, confident that they would be replaced. Now is the time to respond to their trust, to fill their positions by turning them into more anger and resentment at the enemy. Now is the time to become a leader like Nubar and a militant like Rosa. It is time to further their assertion and determination. It is time to raise the People’s War, like Rosa, like Nubar in the Proletarian Revolutionary Line. Our party; from its leadership to its supporters, from its cadres to its militants, is determined to take on this consciousness and responsibility and to lead the cause of New Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism. Those who do not know should know this determination, those who do not hear should hear, those who do not feel should feel; those who are not afraid of our anger and hatred should be afraid. This is a statement and a stance without hesitation.