TKP/ML – TMLGB (Marxist-Leninist Youth Union of Turkey) Central Comittee Statement: Our Martyrs are Our Trenches of Struggle, Our Way is the Way of the People’s War!


TKP/ML – TMLGB (Marxist-Leninist Youth Union of Turkey) Central Comittee Statement: Our Martyrs are Our Trenches of Struggle, Our Way is the Way of the People’s War!

Our People of Turkish, Kurdish and Various Nationalities Working , Youth;While the concentrated crisis state of the fascist dictatorship was r



Our People of Turkish, Kurdish and Various Nationalities Working , Youth;

While the concentrated crisis state of the fascist dictatorship was responded with a total attack on the mass of working people, the poverty and hunger system imposed by the imperialist-capitalist reaction on the peoples of the world continues. While the economic and political crisis experienced by the Turkish ruling classes continues as military aggression extending from Libya to Karabakh in the form of “punching the great powers”, a path towards the destruction of the guerrilla struggle is followed. The People’s War, led by our party in the mountains of Dersim, against the demagogy of “we finished, we are finished, they are not left”, which the representatives of the fascist dictatorship keep on saying, was the cry of “here we are” against these reckless attacks of the counter-revolution.

The technological development of the enemy and the periodic superiority it has achieved in military and tactical terms has turned into a form of psychological warfare in which guerrilla warfare cannot be carried out. The armed struggle, which is the path and line of the revolution in our country, which reinforces the standing of the communist leadership, and the People’s War in particular and its jugular guerrilla struggle, are attempted to be placed under an ideological siege. By forgetting the reality that “Without a People’s army, the people have nothing”, the masses of people are tried to be left helpless, weak and powerless against fascism. This situation has become dominant in the reformist and compromise understandings, also in the segments who do not understand the need to meet the contradictions of the period with the war strategy. This ideological siege was first entered into and then became a part of this ideological siege with the position taken. While the instruction of the member of Central Comittee of our Party, communist leader Nubar and Commander Özgür, who were martyred in Dersim / Ovacık: “We will continue the guerrilla war, which is the jugular vein of our revolution, even with the heaviest costs” is a response to this siege, while the courage, devotion and militancy of comrades Rosa and Asmin play a historical role, beating the chains of frustration.


While the strategic destruction attacks against the Guerrilla War were continuing, the minister of the fascist dictatorship, S. Soylu, declared with cries of joy and a “contre-language” that our comrades were martyred. During the heavy bombardment carried out by UAV-Armed UAV, helicopters and warplanes on October 1-4, our TİKKO Dersim Regional Commander Özgür (Ali Kemal Yılmaz) and People’s Fighter Asmin (Gökçe Kurban) were immortalized by raising the slogan “Long live the People’s War”. The executioners of the fascist dictatorship could not surrender the Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya after ninety days of torture and dismembered his body, as well as decapitating our comrades and showed their ineffectualness and barbarism once again. Our party’s instruction “we destroy you” against this jihadist despicable method has turned into a duty for our Komsomol to fight, militanize and fill the trenches of the People’s War. Our soul and consciousness are filled with anger, revenge, and class resentment. Our determination is now more competent, our consciousness of being a person with a cause is better equipped, and our determination to return to the most energetic force of the People’s War is now greater. The determination and unwaveringness of our immortal comrades combined with the perspective of “We Will Raise the Guerrilla War” in order to win our party, which is locked in the struggle of the proletariat to conquer power, has been flagged against the frustration.

With the loss of our martyred comrades, our Party and the People’s War under its leadership have lost a determined political leader, an indomitable commander, daring and militant fighters. Our losses are great in this sense. Our losses have turned into instructions for us Komsomolists to put on party and class consciousness against the fascist dictatorship, to gather more mass in the organization of the youth of the people, to cling to the duties and responsibilities of the class struggle, to call to account and to raise hope. The line of our Party, which is focused on winning everything, not with the crumbs, is fully in line with the accumulated anger of the People’s Youth against futility, the clear consciousness of injustice, its passion for change and its quest focused on revolutionary destructiveness. We, as Komsomol, are determined and convinced to combine this harmony in the most creative, energetic and assertive way and turn it into an invincible power.

This will be considered as the spirit of the period we are passing through for us. Because of our immortalized comrades, especially Comrades Nubar and Özgür, Comrades Rosa and Asmin; Organized in the ranks of Komsomol, they have stepped on the war paths. Comrades Nubar and Özgür assumed key roles in the communist and revolutionary line of our union, taking responsibilities at the leadership and cadre level in Komsomol’s new orientation developed in its most painful processes. The most concrete expression of the shaping of our Komsomol and its close relationship with the party stands before us in all its reality. We will not be content with defining this reality, we will mobilize to do better and stronger in the future. In this sense, our losses impose “one step forward” for our Komsomol, and the navy with party and war. The instruction is clear and precise. We will put on hope against despair, fight more against frustration, against reformism, revolutionary communism and the proletariat’s consciousness to win “everything”.

Our four comrades who fell martyrs left it as their duty to develop and grow the revolutionary communist line of our party against all kinds of liquidationism.As they continue to live as the immortal trenches of our fight in the struggle of the youth of the people to conquer the future, their instructions will be filled in our Komsomol, whose instructions will be embodied in our Komsomol as the instruction to fight more, more leadership, more militancy and more integration with the party. Those positions will be filled with more anger, more class resentment sharpened, and of course much more energetic. We understood clearly and precisely the instruction of our comrades and our Party. With this insight, “we will enter the sea of class struggle with all our consciousness”.


Be Nubar in Party, Özgür in Militarisation, Rosa and Asmin in Militanization!

Comrades Commander Özgür and Asmin are Immortal!

Long Live the Victory of the People’s War!

Hail to the Red Trenches of Our Fight!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long Live Our Party TKP / ML, TİKKO, TMLGB!



October 2020