“Unlike temporary ones, we’re picking up where we left off.”


“Unlike temporary ones, we’re picking up where we left off.”

Of our "temporary companions" in the guerilla zone, their last move and afterward practices has been didactic for us. In this process, our "bad te

TKP/ML Zentralkomitee – Politbüro: Das Mitglied unserer Partei TKP/ML und des Regionalkommandos in Dersim, Genosse Deniz (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmus) ist unsterblich!
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Of our “temporary companions” in the guerilla zone, their last move and afterward practices has been didactic for us. In this process, our “bad teachers” reminded us once again about protecting the party, the organization, the necessities of living in an organized way, the importance of loyalty to the party, comrades and the people from a revolutionary point of view(!) We have been / are passing through a process in which the experiences and discussions are carried out so openly, and in spite of this, many manipulations, gossip and information pollution and the belief in the party, revolution and struggle are tried to be eroded. Until now, we have generally been left out of these discussions due to the necessary conditions of the war. In the process, based on the decisions and statements made by our party, overcoming the obstacles in our way, “we looked at our business!” However, at the current stage, we witnessed practices in which the guerrilla area and our martyred comrades were used as material for their escapism through rumors.

I would like to tell at length what happened here. However, this is neither possible nor necessary. Here I will only tell a few exemplary stories of those who organized split in our field, buried their weapons and escaped from the battlefield. The rest is at everyone’s own discretion.

When the “Provisional Commissar” could not achieve what he wanted in the guerrilla area he came to with certain calculations, he started to calculate “how do I get out of the field” in the spring after the operation in which 12 comrades were martyred in Aliboğazı. Things got tough. The enemy was coming at us with all the means available to their. The “comfortable” days of guerilla had stay behind. Most of the most experienced practical person of our organization have been martyred and our number has decreased.

Things were not going well at the party, either. A “savior”, a “hero” was needed (!) He looked around. He could not see such a person (!) There was no need to even take into account the warrior comrades for him…

After the losses suffered, it is necessary to gather the organization, to try to solve the new problems brought to us by the war in practice, to organize the party in this process, etc. all this was not so easy. And it would take quite a long time. Also, he had learned from his short guerrilla life that he could not lead the People’s Army simply by writing and speaking.

For this, it was necessary to endure all kinds of difficulties, to wrap our wounds and to continue walking despite the impossibilities. We were in a war. We had enemies. And what happened was inherent in the war. On the other hand, the lack of a “hero” to lead the party and set it on the right path made itself felt everywhere. Unfortunately, it did not come to his mind to do this in the “main” field “in the area where the central task of the party is exercised”. More precisely, it didn’t work for him. He kept saying “The people in the west need me”. Indeed, those in the west needed him. Because obviously a “hero” would not come out of them either. In the end, he saw himself as the “hero who will lead the party” with the responsibility of his 25-year-old party identity, which he did not hesitate to advertise at every opportunity. Obviously, he had no intention of “wasting” here, of spending life with “simple works” here.

The “numerical balance” situation in the party also gave him strength. And if he could “throw the cover abroad”, it was not even a job to find an opportunity and become a member of CC (Central Committee)… Well, half of the party  was seeing him as the “leader” (!) Meanwhile, the separation process in the party became more and more evident and the ranks became clear. At that moment, we got the news of that dire incident, the martyrdom of Nubar Ozanyan. As we were trying to learn the details of the event, explanations started coming one after another. And “our hero” took its place on the stage of history with the excuse of “making a note in history” with his “small group” as if he had received the mark.

Obviously, Nubar Ozanyan’s first conclusion from his martyrdom was the breakdown of the “numerical balance” and the unbearable pain of being in the minority. This was indeed a painful situation (!)

He quickly embarked on a faction work; however, this factional work was deciphered just as quickly. After an open discussion within the group, he left the party, taking with him two members, whom he “managed to convince”, who had quit the struggle and started to dream of Europe. Later, “Phony Commander” joined this group. As you know, he thought that he would save himself by saying “I am not from both sides, I will act with comrade FA”. Afterwards, statements signed by “Temporary DPC” -Dersim Party Committee- and “Temporary Command” and the interview “Political Commissar” were published. They were sworn to raise the war and to call the martyrs to account (!) But in fact, while all these were being published, they were planning their escape to Europe. Open to the public, families of martyrs and the party base,they lied without even blushing: They tried to pretend that “there are two different TIKKO now. There was a real dissociation within TIKKO.”

Shortly after the martyrdom of Comrades Çiğdem and Nergiz in the spring, we learned that “guerrilla warfare must be started in Europe, not Dersim, as a requirement of the socio-economic structure”. Because our heroes, as the first to take the rope, appeared on the stage there this time, how many years they were in the party and they were promoting their guerrilla activities.

While they did that, we were actually just watching a bad copy of a boring movie that we’ve watched so many times in the history of our party, that’s all. Moreover, we had personally heard how these films were shot from the head of the splitting that gave training in our field for a period. And our memory was not as weak as it seemed. The final scene of the movie ended the same way, even if the actors were different each time. So this movie ended in the same way and we, unlike the temporary ones, picked up where we left off.

There is also the story of an exemplary photograph. Again this spring, we learned that our values created at the expense of blood and life passed into the hands of the enemy as a result of the superior superficiality of these “temporary companions” who took “vows of vengeance”. We think that anyone who knows the guerrilla a little bit can guess what every comrade who sees that photograph and who listens to his story feels. Moreover, in that photo; Our anger increased a hundred times when we saw the ammunition that we are lacking at all times and which we are making calculations, besides the weapons we have given in order not to leave them unarmed because they are still in the guerrilla zone.

Last year, we made many attempts to buy this ammunition, and we received donations from our supporters for this. A courier, to whom we paid for the ammunition, kept us busy not to give us the ammunition. When we heard that this person was affiliated with the splitists we warned themselves that the splitists who were aware of the ammunition business thought they had something to do with it. They said that “the ammunition is ours, they have nothing to do with it, they will deliver it to us”. However, the appointments set to make this delivery turned out to be empty. We couldn’t get a single bullet.

In short, we were clearly defrauded. Neither the “Provisional Commissar” nor the FA had any remotely close relationship with this ammunition. In fact, as they said, “they had nothing to do with that ammo.” All their trouble was that the ammunition did not fall into the hands of the party. And they did this by handing over the ammunition to the enemy. That exemplary photo was also published in the newspaper. Everyone saw it.

Anyone who has an enemy grudge and class hatred in his heart must look at that photograph, listen to the story of that photograph, and develop an attitude against the capture of these values created by the blood of hundreds of martyrs. In these conditions, where the enemy wages a war of destruction, this broken, shattered consciousness of the enemy, the hostility to the party, this approach sets out on every road except the way to walk, the distance to be covered, the warrior line, the communist-revolutionary line.

Of course, our weapon-ammunition is not seized for the first time. But this is not a situation that can be explained simply superficially. Instead of handing over their weapons to their true owners, our “heroes” preferred to bury them in the most imprecise and leave the battle scene. Perhaps this is the most striking scene in the movie. Now I would like to ask a few questions to those who are in the ranks who are influenced by the propaganda of the splitists. These personalities, who were “temporary” like the name they gave them on the battlefield, always clung to the discourse of “raising the war” while leaving the party. One inevitably asks; Why did those who said they would raise the war lead to Europe? Why did these people so comfortably theorize ” fugitiveness of fight”? Isn’t there anything strange here?

What I have told so far consists entirely of facts. We want everyone to sincerely ask themselves. So where do you stand in these facts? Or actually let me put it like this. Will you be able to continue with these “temporary companions”? How long will you tolerate the lies and manipulations that an understanding that organizes the liquidationism in every step it takes is still insisting on the party line? When the wheel of history is turning with determination and the tendency is clear, how much longer will it be possible to bear the lies told to the people, those who are devoted to the revolution and those who follow the Kaypakkaya line? After the split we know, we, as a party, are trying to account for the process on the one hand, and on the other hand to recover and continue on our way.

In terms of the guerrilla sphere, the situation runs parallel to the party’s process. You know, twenty-five of our comrades have been martyred in the last two years. We are going through a period in which our organization and the movements conducting guerrilla activities in general have lost strength both in terms of quantity and quality.

Enemy attacks continue almost non-stop. We continue on our way through all these difficulties.

We claim to strengthen the party and the army in these difficulties. While someone tries to create a “hero” from the escapes by playing the heroic game in “known places” where the wind of liquidation and reformism blows them, our true heroes are martyred by fighting hand-to-hand with the enemy, gun-to-hand.

Which one do you think is really TKP/ML? Who really stand behind own word? The “wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve”, “be consistent” is embodied in the practice of which one? Our martyred comrades were martyred for what our party showed them. The rest are as ambitious as they are. Now we are walking in the footsteps of those martyred comrades. Every honest person should be able to see and evaluate the thick line and practice between the escaped and heroes. People can make huge mistakes in life of struggle. However, what is important is that he sincerely accepts own mistakes and tries to correct them.

That’s when he gains great value and dignity in the presence of the people and the party. While calling for participation in TIKKO, “we are not promising anybody any glory, fame, position-career or anything else; We always promise everyone to fight and give the people ”. Now we make the same call to those affected by the split, liquidators, reformists, false propaganda, to return to the party.

We hope they respond positively to this sincere and inexplicable call and take their places where they should be.

Finally, I want to say a few more things. In these recent times, we heard a lot of gossip about here, us and the martyrs. The administration here, comrades martyrs, etc. our organization is tried to be destroyed with the lies about. We neither have a lifetime nor time to spare for all these rumors. We can do nothing but ask our audience not to heed them.

Also, as we heard, “known friends” published a book about martyred comrades. For the introduction, they used a sentence like “those whose value is unknown while living and who are valued after death”. Those deprived of dignity, who use every means they have to attack the party, shamelessly think that it is revolutionary to make such sentences without knowing where they stand or what the hell they are doing. We know such phrases from the enemy’s literature, his arguments for psychological warfare. We watch with exemplary and of course in anger, how these fugitives, who “worked” in the hands of the enemy with the ammunition to equip at least ten guerrillas, resort to such disgusting propaganda over our martyrs from their comfortable seats.

There is much more to tell. However, as I said, I think this is enough.


August 2018 / Deniz (Cumhur Sinan Oktulmuş)