The struggle of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian national liberation forces against the occupying Israeli state is just and legitimate!I

Eternal glory to the great teacher of the international proletariat – Karl Marx!
A Brief Overview of the Syrian Civil War

The struggle of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian national liberation forces against the occupying Israeli state is just and legitimate!

It should be noted that any thought and attitude which attempts to devalue resistance against the occupation by manipulating this fact for various reasons means support for the occupation. Zionist Israel is a state that enjoys great political and military support from the most powerful and barbaric representatives of the imperialist system, as well as the support of the most important monopoly capitalist groups. To exclude resistance to this reaction from the field of Palestinian national liberation is to side with imperialism and Zionism.
The ” Al-Aqsa Flood” launched by the Palestinian resistance and anti-occupation forces is the most fundamental and legitimate resistance of an oppressed nation and people, whose national identity and rights are ignored and whose lands are occupied. It is a struggle that must be supported by the proletariat and oppressed peoples of the world, without any excuse.
The main contradiction here is illegitimate occupation and opposition to legitimate occupation. The party which constitutes this principal and fundamental contradiction which must be fought is the reactionary state of Israel. The reactionary state of Israel, shaped by Zionist reaction, contributes to shaping the peoples of the region and other parts of the world, in particular the Palestinian people, within the relations of imperialist oppression and dependency. It is an important element in keeping this reactionary system alive. The State of Israel is one of the main centers of imperialist reaction and popular hostility. Another ironic fact about the State of Israel is that a nation that has suffered one of the greatest genocides ever witnessed by the peoples of the world is attacking the Palestinians with the same brutality.
Gaza is the world’s largest open-air military prison. The two million Palestinians who live there are encircled by the occupying forces, who are a veritable war machine. Even their basic humanitarian needs are not respected. Its connection with the rest of the world is cut off by barbed wire and walls. As for aid, it is kept within the limits authorized by Israeli Zionism. Gaza is constantly monitored from the air, ground, sea and space using high-tech equipment. The “Al Aqsa Flood”, launched from Gaza on 7 October 2023 by the common will of 14 Palestinian resistance organizations, is the legitimate intervention against the most despicable occupation in history, in other words the solution to the contradiction mentioned above.

The right of peoples to self-determination is a right that must be recognized and supported regardless of the nature of the leaders of the occupied countries and the forces fighting against this occupation. The Palestinian struggle for national liberation and against occupation bears the ideological and political colors of different classes and strata. The resistance and struggle against the occupation, which each class and stratum pursues with its own line of conduct, aims to establish a Palestine that conforms to the ideological worldviews of these movements. Once again, in accordance with these class characteristics, they establish relations and alliances with both internal and external forces. Attempts to explain the anti-occupation war launched by fourteen Palestinian organizations by reducing it to Hamas and its ideological-political line are not innocent. It is a reactionary position which legitimizes the Israeli occupation and condemns resistance against the occupation, preaching submission to the imperialists and the occupying powers.
The debate on the ideological-political line of HAMAS in terms of “reaction” and “support” leads to erroneous and dangerous discussions on the essence of the national question and the nature of national movements. The international proletariat supports the liberation struggle of the oppressed nations and peoples under the domination of imperialist finance capital. This attitude is the line of shaping one’s own people with a true internationalist spirit, orientation and consistent line against imperialism. When our approach is based on this attitude, it will become clear that solidarity with the just and legitimate nature of the Palestinian national liberation struggle is a revolutionary responsibility. The question of the character of national movements is very relative. At this stage, Comrade Stalin’s approach is our main point of reference: << The indisputable revolutionary character of the great majority of national movements is relative and specific. Just as the possible reactionary character of certain national movements is relative and specific. The revolutionary character of national movements under conditions of imperialist oppression does not presuppose that there must necessarily be proletarian elements in the movement; that the movement must have a revolutionary or republican platform and a democratic basis >> (Stalin, vol. 6, p. 139).

The national liberation struggle of the Palestinian national liberation movements, though incoherent, has a structure that undermines Zionism and the dominant imperialist system. The fact that HAMAS does not have a coherent anti-imperialist line, and that it tends to turn towards one imperialist power against another imperialist power, expresses one aspect of reality and there is no doubt that this should be considered a current problem for many national movements. However, the prerequisite for supporting the national liberation struggle is whether or not it adopts an attitude that undermines the sovereign state and the imperialist power. Approaching the problem with this approach will clarify our view of the Palestinian national liberation struggle and movements.
There is also an approach which identifies the position of communists and revolutionaries with that of Turkey, Iran and many Arab countries which supposedly support the Palestinian national liberation struggle. What these states mean by Palestinian national liberation is a dependent Palestine, part of the imperialist system and an extension of it. This attitude suits their subservient nature perfectly. Moreover, they are rather inconsistent and ambivalent towards the Palestinian national struggle and give priority above all to continuing their relations with Israeli Zionism.
They see the Palestinian national liberation struggle as an obstacle to imperialist sovereignty and their approach is to find a solution which does not devalue the sovereignty of Zionist Israel. This is why they do not refrain from maintaining all kinds of economic, political and military relations with Israel, overtly or covertly. The freedom they envisage for Palestine is Israel’s withdrawal to an acceptable point and a small and limited state linked to the imperialist chain. Contrary to the approach of communists and revolutionaries, the hostile character of this approach is very clear.
We are witnessing a similar reactionary discourse and stance against the resistance and gains of the Kurdish national liberation forces and the Kurdish people, which have cost them dearly. The Kurdish national liberation struggle, which has lasted for decades, is belittled with the same logic that accuses it of cooperating with imperialism. This logic objectively adopts a position that vindicates the reactionary states in the region, in particular the Turkish state. The groups that endorse this view are the lackeys of imperialism, and they present siding with the powerful as progressivism. They have taken a similar approach to the Turkish state’s attacks on the Kurdish nation of Rojava over the past week. At a time when the Turkish state is destroying power stations, hospitals and even bombing Kurdish workers in the fields of Rojava, they have either preferred to play the three monkeys in the face of these attacks or, carried away by chauvinistic hysteria, they have supported them in the name of the “fight against terrorism”. Despite all this ignorance and contempt, and despite being labelled for various reasons, the Kurdish National Movement is fighting against a force that is part of NATO and is characterized by its servility to imperialism while at the same time succeeding in undermining it.
Israel had enormous military-technical capabilities and a “firewall” mythologized under the name of “Iron Dome”, thus presenting itself as indestructible. The Palestinian resistance forces launched the air and ground war in 28 places, saying “We don’t care! ”. This war also has a quality that proves once again that, in the final analysis, “in a war it is the human being who is decisive”.
No reactionary power can resist for long against peoples who believe in the legitimacy of their struggle, who organize themselves accordingly and who join forces against the common enemy. Like the reactionary state of Israel, although the imperialists and their henchmen try to portray themselves as invincible and untouchable by relying on their military, technical, economic and intelligence power, they have been defeated on several occasions by the organized power of the people.
The history of the class struggle is full of countless examples of this type. Chairman Mao’s definition that “imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers” reveals the true nature of the imperialists and their henchmen, while expressing his confidence in the power of the people.
The struggle of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian anti-occupation forces shows us once again that the imperialists and reactionaries can only be defeated by the organized and armed forces of the people. The perception of invulnerability and invincibility that they are trying to create can be shattered by the organized power of the people. Proletarian revolutionaries are right to welcome and support the operation led by fourteen Palestinian organizations against the reactionary state of Israel, which boasts the most protected military power in the world.
Israeli Zionism, its patron US imperialism and all the Western imperialists are now venting their hatred and anger on Palestine and Gaza in particular. The Israeli reaction is trying to make up for its resentment by bombing Gaza, which has a population of 2 million, and literally depriving it of food and water. Israel went on an all-out offensive, aiming to destroy Gaza by dehumanizing it in one way or another. American warships are taking steps to block Gaza from the sea. This will also be seen as a new opportunity for the US to implement its plans for the region, namely the secure organization of the Mediterranean for the energy line. Gaza has been besieged with fire and gunpowder, cruelty has been unleashed in the form of death and tears, the blockade has been brutalized by the total cutting off of water, electricity and food supplies. There is a Zionist and imperialist aggression which believes that the masses, the main dynamic of resistance and struggle, will give up by being destroyed. Plans to increase the dose of the attack by a ground operation are openly discussed. Clearly, all these plans are not easy to implement. The “Al Aqsa Flood” has shown that the resistance of the Palestinian people is marked by boldness and the courage to have “nothing to lose”.
We salute the revolt and resistance of the Palestinian national liberation struggle. We call on our people to fight in solidarity against Zionism, which wants to continue to enslave Palestine by suffocating it with death and tears.

– The oppressed and repressed peoples and nations will win, the imperialists and their servants will lose!
– Victory will be for the peoples who resist and struggle!
– Long live the anti-occupation struggle of the Palestinian people!
– Long live the right of nations to self-determination!

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