TKP/ML Abroad Committee: The Ovacık Martyrs are the Guarantee of the Victory of the People’s War, the Reason of our Commitment to Struggle!


TKP/ML Abroad Committee: The Ovacık Martyrs are the Guarantee of the Victory of the People’s War, the Reason of our Commitment to Struggle!

Immigrant Laborers of Various Nationalities, Comrades,When our party, TKP/ML, was founded by Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya in 1972, it t

Maltepe-Cevizli’de Bulunan Ensar Vakfı, TKP/ML Militanları Tarafından Yakıldı
Déclaration du Comité Central – Bureau Politique du TKP/ML – « Ceux qui deviennent le soleil aux matins pour que personne ne se réveille dans l’obscurité! »… Les combattants de la TİKKO, Commandant régional de Dersim, Özgür et Combattante Asmin sont immortels!


Immigrant Laborers of Various Nationalities, Comrades,

When our party, TKP/ML, was founded by Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya in 1972, it took its place in the class struggle with the determination that a communist party in our country cannot survive without armed struggle. Comrade Kaypakkaya showed the will to organize the People’s War, which is the way of the revolution, and determined the compass of the party he founded. Our party, TKP/ML, which has placed the people’s war at its center, has preserved its ideological and political line in the war, despite all the negative conditions in the world, severe ideological attacks, and the conditions in which the class struggle recedes, did not lose its claim to continue the communist cause. The most concrete and visible counterpart of this claim and determination is its four general secretaries, dozens of cadres and hundreds of militants who have been immortalized until now.

Our party has once again suffered heavy losses in a very important historical section, in the line of the People’s War, which was insistently waged by the fascist dictatorship, under the conditions in which the contradictions in the world are sharpening and progressing, in the enormous attack move of the fascist dictatorship. On September 6-9, our CC member Nubar and the People’s Fighter Rosa comrades were immortalized in Ovacık, while on October 1-4, Comrade Özgür, the Dersim region commander and Comrade Asmin, , were immortalized in the same place. Our war line that sustains our party has once again been covered in blood and life, and it is once again engraved in our consciousness that the cause of Communism is a great cause that requires heavy and high costs.

Our party, which has paid a price and continues to pay, continues its struggle without even a break. On every front, our immortalized comrades are the reasons for our greater participation in the struggle, our sharper and clearer stance, to do our work better with greater energy. This requires a firm attachment to our party, a tighter holding on to the ideals of our comrades, and greater loyalty to our war line. We will face the attacks of the fascist dictatorship with this consciousness, and we will grow more and move stronger at the point where they think we are decreasing.

The fascist dictatorship did not hesitate to torture the dead bodies of our martyred comrades while murdering our comrades and cry for victory, and while announcing the names of our comrades to the public, they did not give the bodies of families by requiring a DNA test. This is a familiar and a known method of fascism. This approach, which has been implemented with the aim of preventing the claiming our martyrs, to block the guerrilla struggle in this way, to make a psychological war blockade and to show power, is in vain and undoubtedly one of our struggle issues. Fascism will attack, know no rules, will commit the heaviest torture, and implement the most reckless and incomprehensible methods. This is their quality, need and natural structure. On the other hand, we will endeavor with a relentless and decisive struggle to eradicate fascism. The more they fulfill their duty, the more our righteousness will be revealed, and the stronger our reasons for holding our fight will be reinforced.

Comrades, it is time to put on the determination of our party, which acted with hold and persistence in the people’s war, and the martyred comrades Nubar, Özgür, Rosa and Asmin. It is on our shoulders to take away our comrades from the enemy and to expose the attacks of fascism against the People’s War to the broadest extent in the international arena and to organize stronger along the lines of our party by making migrant laborers sensitive to the problem. In addition to commemorating and embracing our martyrs in the most massive and broad way, we have a duty to organize a more effective line of struggle against the torture of fascism on the bodies of our comrades. On this axis, it is time to come together with all progressive international and immigrant segments and take stronger action against these attacks of fascism. We have the responsibility to concentrate on this point in every field, to announce our martyrs, to protest fascism constantly and decisively, and to keep this agenda alive and dynamic until we take our martyrs from the enemy. Our organizations must take action against these practices of fascism, lock on our martyrs, and turn their claim into a powerful movement.

Migrant Laborers, Friends,

Migrant laborers, Friends,

We defiy the fascism at great cost, with heavy losses, and take vows to demolisht it. This claim and determination will continue without stopping, without giving up. All-out attacks of fascism will not be able to extinguish the fire of revolution, which the people need burning, will not exhaust the revolutionary energy of its children, and will not be able to take over its pioneers.

Now we call on everyone to embrace our martyrs, to participate more strongly in the growth and development of the people’s war, to take stronger steps to take our dead bodies, and to grow the struggle that will pull our martyrs out of fascism.


Comrades Nubar, Rosa, Özgür and Asmin are Immortal!

Down With Fascism, Long Live Our Struggle!

Long Live the Victory of the People’s War!

Long Live Our Party TKP/ML, TİKKO, TMLGB!