TKP/ML CC-PB : Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya Continues to Be Hope for the People and Fear for Fascism on the 51st Year of His Murder!


TKP/ML CC-PB : Communist Leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya Continues to Be Hope for the People and Fear for Fascism on the 51st Year of His Murder!

May 18 is the date when Communist Leader İbrahim KAYPAKKAYA be slaughtered. When he was only 24 years old, the earliest of deaths was realized by

49. Kavga Yılı Strasbourg’da Selamlandı
45. Jahre Tod von Genosse Kaypakkaya: Grußbotschaft aus Kolumbien
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Parti English

May 18 is the date when Communist Leader İbrahim KAYPAKKAYA be slaughtered. When he was only 24 years old, the earliest of deaths was realized by defying death. We are realizing the 51st anniversary of May 18th once again. Comrade Ibrahim KAYPAKKAYA is one of the most important figures in the history of the revolution in Turkey and is a historical figure who made the most remarkable historical breakthrough. Comrade Ibrahim raised the red flag of the International Proletariat again with the fundamental rejection, which dominated the TKP for 50 years after the murder of Mustafa Suphi and 15 of our comrades by the fascist dictatorship in January 1921, “utopian, self-interested-lying, built on constitutional dreams and full of the spirit of sycophancy in front of the big landowners” of the revisionist and reformist line. On April 24, 1972, the communist pioneer of the cause of liberation of the working people of Turkish, Kurdish and various nationalities founded our Party TKP/ML.

Comrade Ibrahim’s groundbreaking move was his approach that created a new vision and horizon for the handling of knotted social-political problems and contradictions and gave impetus to the discussion of these problems.

Comrade İbrahim built the TKP/ML with a formation suitable for the country’s revolution. The understanding that the communist vanguard that would lead the People’s War, the revolutionary strategy required by the semi-colonial semi-feudal social and economic structure, should have a warrior character was clear in the leading comrade. Based on this approach, while founding the party, he also started the guerrilla war  which was the jugular vein of the People’s War in Malatya and Dersim. He shouldered the leadership of the party responsible for commanding the war. It took a position in accordance with the understanding of organizing the party in war. The guerrilla forces in Dersim, one of the centers of the war and one of the dry steppes, were besieged by fascist forces in January 1973. In this siege, Comrade Ali Haydar Yıldız joined the caravan of the immortals. Comrade Ibrahim managed to get out of the enemy circle wounded. However, on January 29th, he was captured by the enemy with the efforts of an informer in the village where he took refuge. From January 29 to May 18, when he was murdered, he was under intense torture by the enemy.

He organized an extraordinary attitude focused on protecting his cause, his comrades, the people and the revolutionary attitude against months of brutal torture. Comrade Ibrahim has the characteristic of grasping the class struggle at the most advanced point, defying all mediocrity. His attitude in torture is ideologically and politically attacking fascism and organizing the revolution against the ruling classes. In his defenses and letters, there is an approach that aims to raise the cause of communism, every word of which is measured. Comrade İbrahim responded to the tortures of fascism by raising the revolutionary line, based on the consciousness and science that would build the cause of people’s liberation and communism until his last breath. At the age of 24, he joined the caravan of the immortals, having established the basic theoretical theories, built the Communist Party, written the manifesto of being shaped by the revolution.

Comrades, Turkish-Kurdish and working people of various nationalities;

The murder of Comrade Ibrahim had serious negative consequences for the advancement and organization of the revolution and the building of the party. Our party met its first defeat at the stage of its establishment and the building process was seriously interrupted. All kinds of ideological-political insufficiency that would be experienced in the absence of a leader who breathed and breathed with a passion to be equipped with an endless belief in the fundamental problems of the revolution and the party made itself felt. Comrade Ibrahim has a leadership formation that gathers the tendency, understanding and experience of the most advanced and revolutionary forces of the people, the most active sections. Political leadership is of decisive importance at historical turning points. Comrade Ibrahim was immortalized precisely at the stage when there was a burning need to build the party, to organize the path of revolution, to continue to answer the fundamental theoretical problems, and to make the will move to realize this. His presence and undoubtedly his absence has shown how decisive it is for the political leadership and for a communist party.

Our party lost not only its founder and theorist but also its political leadership very early. The ideological-political foundation it laid has gained the power to guide a historical process and has continued to be a living element of this historical process. The theoretical basis it laid out that the revolution of the country is the People’s Democratic Revolution has still not lost anything of its scientific character. It formed a basis that captured the main link in a series of political and social problems, from the political nature and historical character of the Kemalist regime, the structure of the ruling classes, the identification of the revolutionary classes, to the approach to the multinational structure and the Kurdish national question. Comrade Ibrahim has shaped a scientific approach to many issues, from the understanding of the party and the leadership role of the party, to the struggle against revisionism, to the revolutionary strategy that will ensure the preservation of the quality of the communist party in countries like ours, to the mass line based on the historical tendency of the masses and the orientation of their most advanced and active elements. This political-ideological concentration on the problems and organization of the revolution undoubtedly weakened with his loss. However, it never stopped, did not stand still, was not abandoned, and was not condemned to loneliness. It is because of its quality of being a guide in the people’s liberation struggle that the line and party he organized has maintained its continuity breathlessly. There have been hundreds of thousands of people who have followed in the footsteps of Comrade Ibrahim. His party, which was his greatest work in his short life, jealously protected his line. For this cause, it lost three general secretaries on the battlefields. Tens of cadres and hundreds of militants were immortalized in the struggle in the line of the People’s War. Comrade Ibrahim’s legacy is undoubtedly in our hands today. As his successors, we acknowledge that we are still unable to approach his method and scientific attitude that dominates reality, given our reality in the class struggle and our inability to resolve contradictions. However, we look for our shortcomings and failures not in a distrust of its line, but in the inadequacies and weaknesses we experience in dominating and advancing the class struggle. This leads us to the knowledge of being shaped with the consciousness that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the greatest weapon we have in overcoming this inadequacy by persevering in the line.

Instead of the problems, principles of the revolution, the revolutionary tendencies of the masses, we are struggling to be a set today based on Comrade Ibrahim against reformism, constitutional dreamism, “power without power” mumblings, theories of gradual development with the possibilities of the order.

We embrace the consciousness created by Comrade Ibrahim that a party without a warrior character cannot survive in the conditions of our country in the strongest way and we continue with determination. We are positioning ourselves with the awareness that the growing anger of the masses, the power that destroys and builds, is shaped in the tendency and attitude of the most advanced and active sections today. We continue to carry the flag we took over from Comrade Ibrahim by insisting on the right place and the right line with our 52 years of experience by examining the political and social contradictions and the tendency it will find direction, our own situation and the situation of the enemy. This determination of ours is not overshadowed by the protracted process of the counter-revolution, the backward level of the class struggle does not cause frustration, our weaknesses and shortcomings do not diminish our determination, the shows of strength of the imperialist bandits and fascism do not inspire fear. The historical rightness of the people’s cause, the inevitability of the class struggle, the fact that the straight is destined to turn weakness into strength keeps our determination and fighting power alive.

Comrades, our working people;

Our leader İbrahim KAYPAKKAYA has been the compass of salvation for the working people of Turkish, Kurdish and various nationalities with the red itinerary he drew. Comrade Ibrahim, should be known that he is more needed than yesterday, a reference to prepare more strongly for tomorrow. Today, the accumulated anger of the people and their desire to defeat fascism is only possible by trace and following the revolutionary-communist line established by Comrade Ibrahim.

Our party is determined to maintain its will to fight against fascism, imperialism and all forms of reaction, and to continue on this path until we achieve victory. We will continue breathlessly on the path of Comrade Ibrahim, which is hope for us and fear for fascism.



(Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist

Central Committee – Political Bureau)

MAY 2024