Call and Statement from TKP / ML Western Regional Committee: The Fight is a Transference of Flag; From Nubar to Özgür, from Rosa to Asmin! It is Not Over, The War Continues and Will Continue!


Call and Statement from TKP / ML Western Regional Committee: The Fight is a Transference of Flag; From Nubar to Özgür, from Rosa to Asmin! It is Not Over, The War Continues and Will Continue!

Our Working People from Turkish, Kurdish and Various Nationalities,Comrades Özgür and Asmin embraced the fight on October 1-4, after comrades

TKP/ML Zentralkomitee – Politbüro: „Diejenigen, die zur Sonne des Morgens werden, damit niemand in die Dunkelheit aufwacht!“…TİKKO Dersim-Regionalkommandant Özgür und die Kämperin Asmin sind unsterblich!


Our Working People from Turkish, Kurdish and Various Nationalities,

Comrades Özgür and Asmin embraced the fight on October 1-4, after comrades Nubar and Rosa who were immortalized in Ovacık on September 6-9. Once again, the other meaning of the mission was to embrace immortality. Just like other tasks, they took this task without hesitation and fulfilled it without hesitation. They turned to the task with the knowledge and experience of the years left behind by passing through many conflicts. The goal was to accomplish the task set by the moment, and this task was achieved with great faith and determination. The fight was a transference of the flag, and the comrades knew very well that the tradition of the fight at the cost of blood and life would be created in this way. Weapons would pass from hand to hand, the former to the next, the present to the future, the struggle would gain continuity in this way. Generations would meet in the fight like this and they knew it would go on like this. They did not hesitate to materialize what they knew once again.

The loss of our comrades is heavy. The experience of war and leadership that they fit into their young lives also explains the void created by our  losses. Our comrades witnessed various sections of the war, broke through countless enemy circles, turned towards countless enemy targets, and walked with the task assigned by each comrade who walked towards immortality before them. In the most brutal phase of the war, they preserved their will to war by eating bread at the table of fear, defying those who drank from the water of frustration and the times called impossible.

The war that the enemy waged by using all the possibilities and techniques would be faced with losses and immortality would appear as a duty as a result of this struggle. Those of us who realized this best were those at the center of the war, and they fulfilled all their duties properly. Death and life are intertwined equations on the battlefield, and understanding both is related to the ideological positioning against struggle and war. The comrades Nubar and Rosa, Özgür and Asmin were not limited to solving this contradiction, but they caught a relentless war in the splitting of the enemy siege and repulsing the attack. In the present stage of the war, the guerrilla’s struggle to both turn towards the enemy and hold on the war continues in an relentless manner without saying the sentences with “but”. This relentless fight that is paid for will continue at many more prices and will be enlarged by paying many more.


The enemy is waging a war that is not limited to the destruction of the guerrilla. The enemy tortures the lifeless bodies of our comrades. It imposes fear, intimidation and surrender on the whole society, not limiting it to the guerrilla. The torture inflicted on the bodies of our comrades was used as a war method of the state from time to time, but none of these attacks were successful. Neither the photographs they took with their heads, nor the messages they sent with their ears, nor the lifeless bodies dragged in the squares could not prevent their participation in the guerrilla struggle and the development of this struggle. Today, the enemy applies the same methods to our martyred comrades and aims to get results from all these barbarian methods. They will not be able to achieve these goals today as they were not yesterday.

The torture of guerrillas by police and army continues in the state institution called Institution of Forensic Medicine. The lifeless bodies of our martyrs are not given to families on the grounds of DNA matching, and in this way, a different form of torture and torment is applied to families and democratic segments of the society. The fascist dictatorship uses every method that creates fear, anxiety, and pressure. These institutions with these approaches of the state are our clear targets. It should be known that we will not neglect to pay the price, to ask for an account as we pay.


In this period, the struggle to be waged with the aim of taking the bodies of our comrades is very important. This problem requires a struggle and orientation. It is a problem that the democratic progressive public should own. The main agenda of our party activity and field activities will be the taking of the bodies of our comrades from the enemy, and all our comrades, committees and areas will organize their activities around this agenda where they are located. The state wants to abolish the conditions of claiming our comrades by prolonging the process, and drowning the claiming in the deadly silence of time. We will consider every stage of this process as an area of active struggle to frustrate these goals. We will resist this attack of the enemy by trying every way and method and putting all forms and means into action. It will only be possible to bring our martyred comrades to the people and the masses and to grow their lives and the legacy they left by walking with them. The loss of our comrades is heavy for our party, and the tasks they left behind made our tasks even more severe. One of our first duties will be to claim them, not to leave them in the hands of the enemy and to bid farewell as they deserve.

They insisted on figh and war against the enemy’s most ferocious attacks. With this determination, devotion and faith, we will cling to our duty, and we will cry out their names with this determination and the consciousness of taking account. We will bid farewell to Comrades Nubar (Erol Volkan Ildem) and Özgür (Ali Kemal Yılmaz)  in our Party Martyrdom Graveyard in Istanbul Sarıgazi, and comrades Rosa (Fadime Çakıl) and Asmin (Gökçe Kurban) in Dersim, in accordance with their wills. These two areas are both our trenches of struggle, the streets where our party and our martyr comrades stepped into the fight and the mountain tops they fought. These areas are laden with the footprints of hundreds of our comrades, from the first place where the spark hit, to the positions where our comrades were martyred. It is one of our essential duties today to send our comrades off in a mass and militant manner in these areas where uninterrupted struggle has been going on in our party’s 48-year history of struggle, and the central link of our activities to be carried out in this period will be locked on the fulfillment of this task. Our veterans who have devoted themselves to our party, families and friends of our martyrs ; Our supporters who have not lost their trust in our party in our 48-year struggle and who have gathered around our party against all kinds of attacks directed from inside and outside; Those who support us with the tasks they undertake in various sections of the 48-year struggle; Our friends, who do not deny solidarity from our party and have taken the revolutionary responsibility on their shoulders, we are now calling once again to unite and develop solidarity around our party. Our party will continue on its way with the same determination today and tomorrow as it walked with determination yesterday, it will succeed in breaking this siege and healing its wounds. We have the ideological line and equipment to achieve this, and nobody should have any doubts about this. Our martyrs are proof of our determination, assertion, patience and consciousness. We are the carriers of the flag handed over by them. The concrete equivalent of our duty of being a part of this fight today is to claim our martyrs wherever we are. It is to respond to our party’s call to struggle to claim them. This struggle will grow stronger with you and expand with you.

Comrades in charge of various levels of our Party; The instructions of our martyred comrades are clear and net, and the duties determined by this instruction are also clear. Today we will walk stronger and more confidently than yesterday. We will walk stronger than yesterday because we have comrades Nubar and Özgür, Rosa and Asmin in our fight. There is willpower and devotion left by them. They have loud voices blending into our voices that greet death with “zılgıt”. That’s why we did not decrease, we did not end, we increased. That is why we will remove our “but” and we will arm our determination. We will be the name of fighting like them, living like them, and becoming immortal like them. The flag handed over by comrade Nubar was waved in the hands of comrade Özgür and the flag handed over by Comrade Rosa, waved in the hands of comrade Asmin and the flag they left will wave in our hands. It is now our task to create the bright mornings they dream of. Let us shout their names as our fight, assuming their consciousness, embracing their determination.


Comrades Nubar, Rosa, Özgür, Asmin are Immortal!

We have called the fascist dictatorship to account, we will!

Guerrillas are Immortal, Long Live People’s War!

Long Live Our Party TKP/ML, TİKKO, TMLGB!


October 2020